All medals of the Polish Eventing Championships won on Polish horses!

12 August 2014 · Category: Sport, Time for Polish Horses, · Breed: ,,,

Over the last week­end the Polish Eventing Championships for seniors and young riders has been play­ed.
Kamil Rajnert, riding Polish bre­eding 9‐years‐old gel­ding Jak Chef m (Chef Supreme xx – Juka m/Bonaparte xo, br. Prudnik SK, owner Anna Mańczak), won the gold medal, the same time win­ning CIC3* with such riders like Andreas Dibowski – the gold Olympics meda­list. Jak Chef was awar­ded with a spe­cial pri­ze of the President of Polish Horse Breeders Association.
Second pla­ce belongs to Jerzy Krukowski riding 11‐years‐old mare Apokalipsa M sp (Paradys sp – sp Amhara/Le Voltaire KWPN br. SK Moszna). Bronze medal went to Mariusz Kleniuk riding 8‐years‐old mare Winona sp (Love Affair sp – sp Waikiki/Spartacus han, br. Remigiusz Makowski).

Joanna Skibińska riding Irtysz sp (Limit sp – sp Iryda/Irydion sp, br. Michal Rozanski, hor­se belongs to rider) appe­ared the best Polish even­ting young rider. She led after dres­sa­ge and even one mista­ke during show­jum­ping test did not chan­ge the final clas­si­fi­ca­tion. She won with Jan Mossakowski riding Niagara wlkp (Feldspar wlkp – Nemezja wlkp/Pistolet wlkp, br. Rzeczna SK, inc. Zbigniew Kamzelski) and Piotr Dabrowski on Pakiet m (Emetyt m – Pandora m/Palant m, bred by Maciej Krawczyk, own. Piotr Dabrowski).


Kamil Rajnert – JAK CHEF
fot. Małgorzata Odyniec

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