MŚMK w WKKW, Le Lion d’Angeres 2022

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z informacjami dla osób zainteresowanych wyjazdem na Mistrzostwa Świata Młodych Koni we wszechstronnym konkursie konia wierzchowego.

Dear Federations and riders,

The Organizing Committee „Le Lion Equestre – Mondial du Lion” is happy to announce that the FEI WBFSH World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses, to be run from 20th to 23rd October 2022, is open on FEI website.


May I remind you that closing date for nominative entries is September the 26th. All entries have to be made online through the FEI entry system.
The definite entries will have to be done prior to October the 10th, online through FEI entry system. Payment of entries must be done by bank transfer, before closing date.


Could you please give us a list of your FN Officials who will accompanying your riders (Name, first name, Position, arrival date)?


Here you will found the health, administrative requirements and procedures for Le Mondial du Lion 2022 (17 to 23 October)

The French health authorities, veterinarians and members of the Mondial du Lion organizing committee inform you that each horse entering the site must:

  • Be in possession of a valid FEI passport and identification booklet
  • Be up to date with their flu vaccinations, rhinopneumonitis vaccine is now an obligation (same for any other horse „accompanying” a participating horse)
  • Temperature of the horses – Self-Certification Form: The FEI veterinary regulations require that the „Self-Certification Form” and the temperature of horses participating in international competitions be entered via the FEI Horse App.

For each horse, you must therefore fill in:

  • Two daily temperature readings for the 3 days prior to the horse’s arrival at the competition site and for the duration of the horse’s presence at the competition site.
  • The „Self-Certification Form” must be completed within 24 hours of the horse’s arrival at the competition site.

Reminder of the procedure:

  • Log on to the FEI Horse App (the application must be updated)
  • Choose the horse or horses concerned in the „My Horses” tab
  • Open the „Horse Health” tab and click on „Temperature
  • Fill in the temperatures and the time of each reading

We advise you to fill in the temperatures of all horses likely to participate in the competition in case of a change of horse.

In addition, each rider must present the following documents on arrival:

  1. For horses from the EU and Northern Ireland:
    An intra-EU Health Certificate (TRACES NT certificate) signed by the authorities of the country of departure (Model „EQUI-INTRA-CON” for several horses or „EQUI-INTRA-IND” for one horse). As of 1 July 2022, official veterinarians use electronic signature of certificates. The eCS can be presented in printed or dematerialised form. If the operator does not print the certificate, he must ensure that the certificate can be shown in paperless form to anyone requesting it. Health certificate valid for 10 days (Please note that the change in regulations giving the possibility to extend the validity of the health certificate from 10 to 30 days has not yet been granted by the French authorities in Maine et Loire)
  2. For horses coming from SWITZERLAND:
    a printed TRACES NT certificate signed by the health authorities of the place of departure is required. Model „EQUI-INTRA-CON or „EQUI-INTRA-IND
    ATTENTION: From now on, all the health certificates (for the outward and return journey) must be digitally registered in the Traces NT application (TNT): https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/ , which requires the creation of an operator account before the competition. A handwritten health certificate is not accepted (for the horse’s outward and return journeys). The operator prepares his certificate on Traces NT.
  3. For horses coming from Third Countries that operate with TRACES NT
    (United Kingdom excluding Northern Ireland), Russia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Iran, Mexico, Moldova, New Zealand, Peru, Ukraine):
    Harmonised health certificates available in TRACES NT, for entry into French territory, (model health certificate available in TRACES NT for entry of Equidae into the EU not intended for slaughter (Model EQUI-X 2022/497 (2021/403) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/403 of 24 March 2021)
    No electronic signature (printed certificate signed by the authorities of departure)
    For return to the UK, certificate available in TRACES NT use the model „Re-entry after temporary export of Registered or Unregistered Equine GBHC167E” or Export Health Certificate GBHC168E.
  4. For horses coming from Third Countries that do not work with TRACES NT:
    Horses must arrive with a signed health certificate from the official health authorities of departure.
    For the return, the model of health certificate depends on the country of destination (consult the model of certificate on Expadon/ France Agrimer to know the requirements of the country of destination and the model of certificate)
    All health and customs procedures (for the outward and return journey) must be carried out before the competition by the rider or the forwarding agent/carrier. Return of the horse: For the return of the horse to its destination, a clinical examination of the animal carried out within 48 hours by a veterinary surgeon is required for the official validation of the health certificate by the local authorities (DDPP of Maine et Loire).
    • All health documents for all horses must be handed over to the rider’s office on site when the horses arrive at the same time as the passports.
    • Any horse which is not in conformity will not be allowed to stay on site.
    • Stables will be opened on Monday 17th of October and Tuesday 18th October from 9AM to 8PM. Outside of this hours, no horse will be able to go in.
    • Veterinary examinations are scheduled on arrival for the all the horses.


All the riders are invited by the Organiser for the Saturday’s night party to celebrate the 38th edition of Le Mondial du Lion. For other, please reserve your invitation: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/france-complet/evenements/soiree-du-mondial-mondial-du-lion-s-party/2. Don’t hesitate to invite owners, breeders and so on…

Please take note of this information, pass it on to your riders and insist on everyone’s vigilance in applying these new health requirements.
We are still at your disposal for any questions of course, don’t hesitate.

Best regards and you’re very welcome to Le Lion d’Angers.

Sophie Cellier, Event Director

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